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  • City Style and Living Magazine Granola Yogurt

    Yogurt Bowl

    First it was rice bowls, then açai bowls, now yogurt bowls are taking over. An easy, quick and beautiful way to get all you need to start your day.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Nunweilers Pancake Mix recipe and 1769 Distillery ingredients

    Canadian Breakfast With Nunweiler’s Flour Company and 1769 Distillery

    Show your Canadian pride (hey, we are celebrating 150 years!) and amp up your baking with third generation Canadian milled flour and Canadian maple syrup. Breakfast was never so patriotic. Oh Canada!

  • city style and living oatmeal parfait recipe easy

    Oatmeal Parfait

    Oatmeal Upgrade: Think of oatmeal as a stodgy old fashioned stalwart? Think again with this easy breakfast that really wows.