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  • City Style and Living Magazine Healthy living happier with flowers

    Feel Happier with Flowers

    Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t stand up and surround yourself with colourful flowers.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Healthy Living Plants to grow this season plants in a bag

    Easy to Grow Plants For Your Garden Wishlist

    Some of the easiest to grow plants are the most beautiful and CSL has all the foolproof plants that will make you smile – no matter your space, time, or growing conditions. We’ve got the plants that tick every box of your garden wishlist.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2018 Farmers Market how to

    What’s in Season and What to Plant Now!

    A helping hand to choose the best fruit and vegetables, how to get the most out of your harvest, plus now is the time to start planting bulbs that will come up next spring. CSL has 3 tips to ensure you get luscious blooms.

  • terranium

    Make Your Own Terrarium

    Make your desk a little prettier, boost your spirits and get an extra dose of oxygen with a portable mini-garden beloved of the Victorians.

  • City Style and Living Magazine gardening reduce stress

    Pay Dirt How Gardening Can Ease Stress

    Looking for a way to lower stress, keep active and boost your mood? You may just find it by digging in the dirt!