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  • City Style and Living Magazine gimlet cocktail recipe


    Once favoured by the British Navy for preventing scurvy, this refreshing cocktail is simple to make. Although the original recipe calls for gin, vodka can be substituted as an alternative. Some recipes use only Rose’s lime cordial (or lime juice as it’s known in the US) for a citrus kick, but we like amped up…

  • Mexican Corn on the cob recipe city style and living street food

    Mexican Corn on the Cob

    The quintessential street snack of Mexico is a mix of bold flavours, great as a side to a summer barbecue!

  • Classic Green Smoothie Juice Guru

    Classic Green Smoothie

    While we know it is important to eat lots of greens, some of us just don’t like the taste. Green smoothies are an excellent way to consume leafy green vegetables, because the (sometimes bitter) taste is neutralized by the fruit. This smoothie is sweet and nutty, with just a hint of vanilla. It provides potassium,…

  • Smoked Oyster Salad City Style and Living Magazine

    Oysters 5 Ways: Smoked Oyster Salad

    These hors d’oeuvres pack an almighty punch of flavour in one small bite.

  • CSL Bread homemade baking tips

    3 Baking Tips for Fall

    The best baking tips for when the cooler weather makes you want to fill your home with the comforting aroma of fresh baked goods.