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  • Watermelon Straight Up Juice Guru

    Watermelon Straight Up

    Watermelon juice is not only refreshingly sweet and delicious but also extremely nutritious. While the juicy red flesh of watermelon is loaded with vitamin C and the carotenoid lycopene, the white part of the rind (which we typically don’t eat) contains an incredible amount of phenolic antioxidants, flavonoids and more vitamin C. Juicing both the…

  • MangoCoconutColada_Summer2014

    Cocktail Recipe | Mango and Coconut Colada

    Like piña colada? Our version is more for those who like dancing in the sun than dancing in the rain!

  • BahamaMama_Summer2014

    Cocktail Recipe | Bahama Mama

    This crowd pleaser recalls days spent at the beach.

  • PasionCocktail_Summer2014

    Cocktail Recipe |Passion

    This cocktail sports an unusual green colour, attractive for summer barbecues.

  • Summer snacking Beanitos Puffs Chili Lime.

    Snacking | 7 Healthy Gourmet Snacks for Summer

    We all do it. It’s late in the evening and you’re watching your favourite t.v. show (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Instead of reaching for the ubiquitous bag of chips or a buttery bowl of popcorn why not try these unusual options? Made of vegetables, multi-grains, or beans they make snacking even better.