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  • One Easy Move To Strengthen Your Core

    One Easy Move To Strengthen Your Core

    CSL shows you how yo easily strengthen your core with one yoga inspired move: boat pose. Plus how to stay fit chic during winter!

  • Keep Fit and Fab | Fall 2016

    Keep Fit and Fab | Fall 2016

    The perfect style for your workout. Whether you’re into yoga, walking or cross training, we’ve got the look for you!

  • Lola Berry | Q&A

    Lola Berry | Q&A

    The Melbourne, Australia native who now calls Sydney home is a television nutritionist, author of The Happy Cookbook and owner of the Happy Place smoothie bar in Los Angeles.

  • Cure Back Pain

    Cure Back Pain

    Here is a basic exercise familiar to anyone who practices yoga or Pilates. It helps to improve the back’s ability to bend and stretch and is safe if performed correctly. The basic idea is not to strain as well as to use your breathing to mobilize your back.

  • Postcards | Costa Rica

    Postcards | Costa Rica

      Read More from Costa Rica in the Winter 2007/08 issue of City Style and Living Magazine