12 Days | Seven Swans A Swimming

Westin Calgary restaurant chef Frederic Hoffmann creates 12 days of Christmas themed seven swans a swimming delicious dessert recipe for Winter 2011.

Seven Swans a Swimming
Seven Swans a Swimming


“I was inspired by Tchaikovsky, the fluidity of the ballerinas tutu’s resemble the whipped cream frosting.”


Chocolate Mousse Cake

1 lbs. Dark chocolate coverture

3 tsp. espresso coffee

8 eggs

4.5 oz. sugar

9 oz. 35% cream

½ tsp. vanilla extract

Sour Cherry Compote

1 lb. frozen sour cherries

140 gr. White sugar

40 gr. Kirsch

2 rosemary sprigs

6 juniper berries

Fresh Black Pepper(to taste)

6 oz. cranberry juice

2 oz. Fruit Pectin

Fresh Chantilly

35 % whipped Cream

½ cups Icing Sugar

½ Vanilla Bean

For the Chocolate Mousse Cake

• Melt chocolate with coffee in bain marie.  Beat eggs, vanilla and sugar for 5 minutes until ribbon stage.

• Add melted chocolate mix to eggs.

• Whisk 35% cream into egg and chocolate mix ture.

• Pour liquid into 8, 4 0z ramekins and set in a bain marie

• Bake at 275F-300F for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hr.

For the Sour Cherry Compote

• Macerate all ingredients including fruit pectin overnight.

• Strain mixture and remove rosemary sprigs and juniper berries.

• Thicken liquid with clear gel over low heat.

• Return cherries to liquid and cool  over ice bath.

For the Fresh Chantilly

• Place fresh whipped cream in a bowl with icing sugar, vanilla together until soft peak.


Place mousse cake on a plate.  Spoon over Chantilly cream and cherry compote.

Recipe excerpt from the Winter 2012 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.