5 Fun Ways To Explore Greenville South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina has seen a influx of people and prosperity in the last decade. CSL give you our top picks for places to see and things to do in this beautiful modern city.


Stay Active Downtown

Falls Park on the Reedy

Greenville Falls Park on the Reedy
Greenville South Carolina Falls Park on the Reedy. /K&S Media


The 32 acre Falls Park on the Reedy in the middle of downtown, features Reedy River Falls, Liberty Bridge, trails, bike paths, restaurants and gardens. On the site of former textile mills, ducks, loons, and geese swim in the catchment beneath the falls, people jog or swing at rest areas. It is a beautiful part of the city, a great way to stay active while visiting and the heart of Greenville.




Check Out the Arts Scene

Bob Jones University, Art Galleries, Museums, Peace Center

Greenville Bob Jones University
Greenville Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery. /K&S Media.

From Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery, an interactive and immersive museum, considered one of the largest and most interesting collections of European Old Master paintings in America to Art Galleries, Museums, and the modern Peace Center, Greenville has a thriving art scene. Also, look out for bronze statues of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Joel Poinsett, and a replica of Florence’s famous boar scattered throughout the city.




Get Happy Beyond Belief by the Culinary Scene


Greenville Euphoria
Left: Greenville Euphoria culinary offerings. Right: A chef at one of the festival’s events. /K&S Media.


Euphoria, the 8 year old food and musical festival held annually in Greenville has done much to highlight Greenville’s burgeoning culinary scene. “We want to keep it small,” says Carl Sobocinski co-founder of the event which includes concerts, wine seminars, restaurant tastings, dinners and chef demonstrations. Over the course of the three-day event, taste what this city has to offer while listening to amazing musical performances and sipping wine.


Make it on Main Street

Downtown Greenville

Greenville Main Street and Saturday Market
Greenville Main Street and Saturday Market. /K&S Media


Stroll main street perusing cafés, shops and galleries. On the weekend visit the TD Saturday market, blocked off by police cars, much of main street is pedestrianized and there is everything from a stall with peppers (from the most innocuous to the most scorching hot), mushrooms, peaches, handicrafts and local vegetables.

Another fun way to get to know Main Street is through Mice on Main a project initiated by a student where 9 tiny mice sculptures are placed between the Hyatt and the Westin Poinsett Hotel. Children and adults alike can search for the mice based on clues found at the Hyatt hotel or in the Mice on Main book.



Zip About the City

Greenville Glides

Greenville segway
Greenville segway tours with Greenville Glides. /K&S Media.

Zip through main street, Fluor Field the baseball stadium, the Shoeless Joe Jackson statue and museum, the Peace Centre, and The Westin Poinsett and many other interesting and historical sites all while on a segway. Greenville Glides offers personable guides with the inside scoop on Greenville.

This article is based on an original story that appeared in the Winter 2014/15 issue of City Style and Living Magazine. Want more South Carolina?