Copper Pots and Pans a Cooks Best Friend

Much more than a beautiful kitchen accessory, copper pots and pans can be the home cook’s best friend – here’s why.

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Much more than a beautiful kitchen accessory, copper pots and pans can be the home cook’s best friend – here’s why.


Any reputable French bistro is measured by a few identifying features- wrought iron chairs, rustic charm, and a line of gleaming copper pots displayed in the kitchen.  Not only are the pots beautiful to look at, they are legit cooking vessels – heating quickly (using less energy) and evenly and keeping a consistent temperature. Best of all, the pots are often lined with tin making food less likely to stick. 


Make caramels, and butterscotch, jam and toffee in copper pots with more control, and less scorching. Even heat means less lumps for chocolate. Copper pots also cool down quickly.


Nice and Low: Never heat an empty copper pan, as they can melt at lower heat levels.  As copper is an efficient conductor of energy (and offers a consistent temperature), pots heat up at a lower heat level than average pots and pans.

Polish Up: To maintain the quality, there are several at home recipes for shining your copper – however a light acidic solution (lemon, vinegar) will prevent tarnishing. Combine equal parts salt, lemon juice, ketchup and flour. Spread over your pans, and keep for 3-5 minutes, then wipe off with a sponge and wash with regular dishwashing soap for best results.

CSL cooked a variety of dishes in each of the pots over the course of a few weeks.  We tested the pots for ease of use (did they heat up quickly? did they stick?) , versatility and ease in clean up.

City Style and Living Magazine mauviel pans frying and stew pot
/ Courtesy Mauviel


Mauviel M’150s Copper & Stainless Steel Saucepan & Lid, 1.2 qt, $210;

The Cooks Best Friend: Round Frying Pan

Versatile for everything from quickly sautéing vegetables, to searing meat and frying eggs, this 10.2 inch pan will be one of the most well used in your arsenal. Mauviel M’150b Copper & Stainless Steel Round Frying Pan, bronze handle, $275.

Comfort Food Perfected: Stew pot with Lid

As far as fall food goes, nothing is more iconic than a stew. Cooking meat and root vegetables low and slow for hours creates an unctuous result. These pots are oven safe, so you can quickly sear meat for 20 minutes, add your liquid and vegetables, and then place into the oven.  Mauviel M’150s Copper and Stainless Steel Stew pot with Lid, 6.4 qt, $495.

This original food article first appeared in the  Fall 2017 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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