Easy French Bistro At Home

Bring the unfussy food of Lyon’s most famous restaurant style to your table at home.

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Bring the unfussy food of Lyon’s most famous restaurant style to your table at home.

A glass of house red served with rich coq au vin, a simple croque monsieur with a glass of beer, steak frites. These rich, hearty dishes are hallmarks of French Bistro cuisine.  Why?  The combination of traditional, regional dishes and wine served in a down-to-earth, non fussy way. Bistro food has a long history in Lyon, arguably the capital of French gastronomy.

Here are 5 ways to easily achieve this style of food at home:

1/ Buy an Artisanal Loaf

Crusty bread is a must at a French table to dip into sauces, and scrape every last drop of goodness from plates.

2/ Eggs

Softly poached eggs on top of crisp frisée, crisp bacon and tangy vinaigrette makes a salad Lyonnaise irresistible. Another easy option? Devilled eggs with creamy yolks and a hint of espelette pepper is a simple, crowd pleasing appetizer.

3/ Charcuterie

Saucisson de Lyon, Rosette Lyonnaise, Andouillette are all popular sausage made from pork.  If you’re not a fan of sausage meat, opt for a smooth chicken liver pate, or salmon rillettes.

4/ Small Nibbles

Accompaniments such as olives, and capers are a must.  Buy a variety of olives and marinate overnight with orange and lemon peel, and a pinch of red pepper flakes to take things to another level.

5/ Potatoes

Fries with a twist: thinly sliced, pan fried potatoes with onion sautéed in butter and parsley.  The key is to caramelize both the potato and onion for added flavour.

This original food article first appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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