The Only Island you Would Actually Want to be Deserted (Little Palm Island)

Deserted on Little Palm Island? Yes Please!

Little Palm Island
Oceanside at Little Palm Island and the Spa. /K&S Media.

Deserted on Little Palm Island? Yes Please!

My girlfriends and I agree, if we were shipwrecked on an island, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa would be our choice. A 15 minute ride on the beautiful Truman motorboat takes us to Little Torch Key a true escape.

Little Palm Island Suite and Pool
Little Palm Island Suite and Pool. / K&S Media.

Each suite is set up like an elevated tree house, decked out with the surname of each guest in wooden block letters at the front entrance (a castaway’s lavish fantasy).


Little Palm Island Beachside
Little Palm Island Beachside. /K&S Media

Our newly renovated 550 square foot oceanfront thatched roof Island Elegance Suite features a separate living area, elegant four poster bed and boudoir tub with mother of pearl tile. The outdoor bamboo shower is a touch of fun.

Little Palm Island Chess Set in the midst of subtropical forest. /K&S Media

Eventually we cannot help but visit SpaTerre, where we indulge in a relaxing deep tissue massage with masseuses Thekla and Ms. Fortuna. The intoxicating aroma of mango and coconut from the resort’s own line add to the private island vibe. Little Palm Island is serene and a labyrinth-like path system takes us from a lush tropical garden with zen statues to various wooden docks. Even the wildlife is clamouring to get here – we spot key deer who have managed to swim to the island, munching on leaves.


Little Palm Island Bouillabaisse. /K&S Media

For dinner, one evening we meet sous chef Kalen Fortuna who recommends the best dishes and speaks with reverence of Executive Chef Rolando Cruz Taura. We enjoy a quiet evening dining on a bouillabaisse style stew and grilled lobster. Marooned on this island, we wouldn’t need to bring a thing.

Little Palm Island Breakfast. /K&S Media

This article is based on an original story that appeared in the Winter 2014/15 issue of City Style and Living Magazine. Want more Florida Keys?