Mezzevino Ann Arbor Michigan

Mezzevino in Ann Arbor Michigan serves Mediterranean mezze.


Mezzevino Ann Arbor Interior
Mezzevino in Ann Arbor Interior. /Courtesy Mezzevino.


Terrine-du-Jardin_Mezzevino Ann Arbor
Terrine du Jardin at Mezzevino in Ann Arbor. /Courtesy Mezzevino.


Mezzevino in Ann Arbor Michigan serves Mediterranean mezze.

My table is scattered with a selection of Mediterranean mezze displaying an abundance of bright colours and perfumed spice.  There is Lebanese lamb served with tabouli, tzatziki and goat cheese, chicken gyros with cilantro mint herb dressing and warm chickpea salad, shrimp with paprika, garlic and cherry, whole roasted fish plaki, swordfish thalassa with lemon rosemary, and charred eggplant.


Kotopoulo-Forno_Mezzevino Ann Arbor
Kotopoulo Forno at Mezzevino in Ann Arbor Michigan. /Courtesy Mezzevino.

Each dish is made with attention to detail and respect for produce. “Everything we do, we try to stay very rooted as far as authenticity,” says executive corporate chef Brent Courson.


This article first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of City Style and Living