The model-actress chats with CSL about her new ABC show Killer Women, her charitable side and her global travel faves.

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The model-actress chats with CSL about her new ABC show Killer Women, her charitable side and her global travel faves.

Q What drew you to killer women?

A I loved the character right away.  She was multilayered – strong, smart, quirky and vulnerable.  I thought she’d be a lot of fun to play.  I was also intrigued by the female killer angle on what is essentially a cop procedural.  I thought it would be interesting to get a look into the differences of why women kill. Statistically there are way fewer female killers than male killers, so I was interested in exploring that smaller percentage.

Tell us about your charitable endeavors and why it is important to give back?

My charitable endeavors come from two different areas.  Personally, I donate to animal charities via my website.  I also try and help out with PSA’s and events to raise awareness of animal causes. Together with my friend and former costar, Katee Sackhoff, we founded Acting Outlaws– a company that we started that mixes our passion for motorbike riding and giving back.  We filmed a documentary about the continued clean up of the BP oil spill, put out calendars, and do rides, with proceeds going to charities (AmFAR, Gulf Restoration Project, Red Cross and Humane Society).  We are planning a few rides this year and are looking at donating to the Wounded Warriors and for a clothing drive.  I think it’s important to give back.  We are all one big community.  Sometimes it’s you doing the helping out and other times it’s you that is getting the help.

What three items are always in your luggage?

(1) running shoes/workout clothes  (2) a warm shawl (3) chapstick.  I have used Tumi luggage forever.  Basic black, not flashy, but well made.


Amandari pool
Courtesy Aman Resorts

Favourite hotel in the world? 

There are some amazing places out there.  I went for a French magazine job to Indonesia and stayed a week at the Amandari and a week at the Amankilo.  Both were phenomenal.  One place I love to go to in Canada is the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino on Vancouver Island.  It’s a pretty special place.

Most memorable travel moment?

When I was seven and visiting the Grand Canyon with my family.  At one lookout spot over the Colorado River where it was essentially massively tall, straight down embankment walls to the raging river.  We pulled in and I went running down to the fence. I slipped and fell down, sliding through a hole under the fence and caught myself with my arms on the fence as my feet were nearing the edge of the cliff.  I remember that travel moment quite well.

When I am not working I am…

At home trying to catch up on everything that I’ve let slide while I was on set and all my time was consumed.


Wickanninish Inn Tofino
Courtesy Wickanninish Inn Tofino

Best advice you have received?

You gotta keep your head on your shoulders and pay attention because no one will look out for you as carefully as you will look out for yourself.

I can’t live without…

Having animals in my life.

This original travel article first appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.