4 Helpful Kitchen Staples to Cut Your Work Time in Half

Help around the kitchen means gadgets that cut your work time in half. It’s also about flavour bombs that lift dishes like a drizzle of olive oil on meat, salads and soups and protein-rich peanut butter with coconut for satay and marinades.

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Help around the kitchen means gadgets that cut your work time in half. It’s also about flavour bombs that lift dishes like a drizzle of olive oil on meat, salads and soups and protein-rich peanut butter with coconut for satay and marinades.

1/ Peanut Butter

After seeing the trend of alternative nut butters crowd the market, Fatso is on a mission to once again elevate peanuts. The humble peanut,  loaded with protein, antioxidants, and other essential minerals and fatty acids, is also an environmentally sustainable crop grown throughout the globe.  More liquid than traditional sticky peanut butter thanks to the addition of coconut, MCT, macadamia and avocado oils, this ‘hybrid peanut butter’ is both keto and vegan friendly, and loaded with organic chia and flax seeds which can easily be added to baking, smoothies or simply spread on toast. We like adding a dollop to satay or mix with soy sauce, orange and chili for a quick marinade for meat and fish. eatfatso.com

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2/ Mediterranean Olive Oil  

Herdade Do Esporão
There’s no doubt that you’ve heard plenty about Italian, and Spanish olive oils, but now it’s time for Portugal to have its turn in the spotlight. Harvested from green varieties of olives (Cobrançosa, Cordovil, Frantoio, Picual) from Esporão’s oil mill in Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo, a region in the south of Portugal, the intensely aromatic oil lends a characteristic zestiness of citrus and fresh cut grass, balanced with fruity and herbal notes. To experience Herdade Do Esporão Seleção to its full potential, use as a finishing oil drizzled over bread, or add a few drops to gazpacho. This olive oil is certainly one for discerning gourmands.

Kouzini Ultra Premium Raw Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from family farms in Lakonia, Greece where hand-picked olives are cold-pressed (never heated) within hours of harvest. This ensures that all of the nutrients are kept intact, and this award-winning oil deserves its accolades with a rounded buttery flavour, and good viscosity. The silky, golden-green liquid is rich with a smooth finish – a beautiful treat drizzled over ice cream or salad greens. With its sleek, slender frame, and dark bottle this is an olive oil meant for fresh, light dishes to really appreciate its nuances and savour its flavour.

Stunning bottles in black and white reveal, in peek-a-boo fashion, Greek liquid gold inside. Recognized by the International Olive Council (IOC) and given the stamp of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), similar to France’s appellation d’origine contrôlée which recognizes geographically unique products (think Roquefort and Champagne), the 100 per cent Greek olive oil is available in two varieties. Kolossos mild  offers unfiltered oil from manaki olives and delivers a delicate flavour with hints of stonefruit (great with lightly prepared fish), while Kolossos Robust made from koroneiki olives is a full-bodied, peppery oil with hints of grass (pairs well with grilled octopus). As founder Giorgios Karayannis says, ‘Eat and be happy!’

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3/ Food Processor

There are few tools in the home cook’s repertoire as versatile as the food processor. Pastry and pie dough, shredding vegetables for stir fry or coleslaw, emulsifying or pureeing sauces can all be done in minutes, saving precious time. Equipped with a powerful motor, the Cuisinart Elemental 13-Cup (3.1 L) Food Processor with two nested work bowls means you don’t have to stop and clean between prep to have multiple components ready (think whipped cream and pureed berry sauce). The adjustable slicing disc and reversible shredding disc are ideal for creating differing cuts. This little gadget takes good friend to BFF territory.

4/ Can Opener

As an underappreciated kitchen accessory, you could go years without replacing the humble can opener.  The problem with many (especially old school versions) is that the tiny handles and small twisting head make fumbling with aluminum cans a hassle, not to mention non-ergonomic. Cut to the streamlined silver and black, heat resistant Cuisinart Handheld Can Opener with Soft Grip Handle.  The large grip and turning head making life in the kitchen smooth as butter, er, we mean a tin of creamy soup. 

This original Products We Love article first appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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