6 Great Nuts, Seeds and Grains We Love

Crunchy and addictive, nuts make great snacks, and are packed with nutrient rich properties that are good for you. Win-win!

City Style and Living Why you need to try these 6 Great Nuts Seeds and Grains pistachios
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What is considered the right portion size?

According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation, as long as you enjoy in moderation, these delicious treats which are beneficial for cardiovascular health as they contain healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Nuts are high in calories, so portion size (¼ cup) is important. Studies show that eating ¼ cup of mixed nuts about four times a week can help lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of coronary heart disease by about 20% according to The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.


A serving of these sweet, bright green beauties is approximately 49 nuts. Full of vitamin E and carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta carotene) that help eyesight, they also containing anti-inflammatory properties. Nuts.com Organic Pistachios, 1lb;

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Buckwheat Groats

The hulled, gluten free seeds intensify in flavour when toasted.  A ¼ cup contains 6g of protein and 6% of daily iron intake. Great in salads, baking or as a nutritious breakfast porridge. Inari Organic buckwheat groats, 500g;

City Style and Living Why you need to try these 6 Great Nuts Seeds and Grains pecans


This southern staple is the king of nuts. Sweet, buttery and versatile they can be used in a variety of baking, as a salad topper or eaten alone and are a good source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Now Foods Unsalted Raw Pecans, 343g;


This ancient wheat grain resembles brown rice, and is an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s high protein (about 5g of protein in a ⅓ cup serving) so it’s great for vegetarians as well as those on protein rich diets. Substitute for rice in risotto, as its pleasant chew keeps you fuller, longer. Bobs Red Mill Organic Farro, 680g;

Sunflower Seeds 

These seeds may help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.  They have high anti-inflammatory properties and contain vitamin E, magnesium, protein, and linoleic fatty acids. Toast the seeds and blend into a spread, or add to breakfast bowls. Inari Organic Sunflower seeds, 250g;

Peanut Gallery

City Style and Living Why you need to try these 6 Great Nuts Seeds and Grains spectrum peanut oil

Spectrum Unrefined Peanut Oil


Peanut oil once had an undeserved reputation for being unhealthy. Unrefined peanut oil on the other hand, with its high smoke point (up to 390°F), is ideal for frying (hello crisp fried chicken) and for stir-frying. The ground nut oil is high in beta sitosterol, which may lower the risk of heart disease and cholesterol and is a rich source of vitamin E, not to mention the addictive roasted peanut flavour it adds to cooking.

EDITORS PICK Check Mate: It’s Tea Time

City Style and Living Guyaki Yerba Mate Can
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Guyaki Yerba Mate Enlighten Mint

15.5 FL Oz

Move over London fog, Yerba Mate is where its at. Not only is this South American leaf high in natural caffeine, it is packed with theobromine and polyphenols. Traditionally served in a hollowed-out gourd and sipped through a metallic straw, you can now just chill a can of this brewed alternative to iced tea.

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