8 Great Eats (and Drinks) to Start Your Morning

To start your day off right – a healthy breakfast is key. These eight tasty delights will add a boost to your morning routine.

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1/ Maple Lodge Farms Ultimate Maple Chicken Breakfast Sausages

Protein lovers will appreciate these well spiced (with a hint of maple) chicken sausages, made with simple ingredients. Try them accompanied by eggs, in a sandwich, or alongside mashed potatoes.

2/ Clover Leaf Boneless Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil

The wild caught fillets are a nutrition powerhouse – high in protein, a source of omega-3, iron and vitamin D – making them perfect for a wholesome start to the day. Grill a slice of sourdough, top with these beauties.

3/ Elmhurst 1925 Hazelnut Milk

This range of plant-based milk offers up to four times more nuts than other brands on market and do not contain gums, fillers, or emulsifiers. Creamy, with a definite nutty undertone, the dairy alternative is perfect for morning porridge and can be used in baking. 

City Style and Living Summer 2023 8 Great Eats (and Drinks) to Start Your Morning Jordans Cereal ceres juice
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4/ Ceres Passionfruit Juice

Start the day out with a twist on OJ.  The combination of tangy passionfruit is softened with the addition of sweet pear juice to balance the overall flavour. Add to your morning smoothie or enjoy a glass on its own.

City Style and Living Summer 2023 8 Great Eats (and Drinks) to Start Your Morning Dorset Cereals Bobs red mill nomz
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5/ Nomz Hazelnut energy bites

Who knew that a truffle made only of dates, coconut oil, salt and nuts could taste this good? These vegan, sugar-free bites are ideal for an energy rich, on-the-go brekkie and for hikers, campers and yoga enthusiasts, or to stash at your desk for that 3 pm pick-me-up.

6/ Bob’s Red Mill Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

Looking for a satisfying, fiber rich, gluten-free and organic breakfast?  This breakfast staple will keep you fuller, longer, keep your digestive system on track and may reduce the risk of heart disease and.  We love adding a handful to cookie dough to add an extra chew or to tart apples, and berries for delicious overnight oats. 

7/ Dorset Cereals Glorious Honey Granola

Crunchy, subtly sweet and packed with sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chopped pecans and rye, this hearty granola is perfect for a mid-morning snack, or as trail mix.  Made in Dorset England, it is chock-a-block full of hearty ingredients, no skimping here! 

8/ Jordans Morning Crisp Bursting with Nuts

Founded in 1855 in England, Jordans was originally a grain milling company that later diversified into cereal and granola.  Packed with whole roasted hazelnuts, sliced and whole almonds and chopped Brazil nuts, this crisp cluster cereal has plenty of not-too-sweet texture. 

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