9 Exciting Bites, Sips Adventures, Looks and Activities to Look Forward to This Fall

Ochre leaves, crisp air, back-to-school, bountiful harvests – a cornucopia of tastes and delights! ‘Tis the season of transition, as we edge closer to the year’s end, we give thanks for all the year has brought and still has to bring. CSL has gathered 9 ways to celebrate the season.

9 Exciting Bites, Sips Adventures, Looks and Activities to Look Forward to This Fall
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The look for fall that’s here to say: comfort above all.  And we’re here for it!  For this look, opt for a preppy look with a slightly oversize argyle knit vest, over a maroon button-down shirt, tartan mini and midi croc boots.

Here are our top ways to wear a vest this fall:

For casual/everyday, wear a bulky knit vest over top of a classic button-down shirt, and leather leggings or pants.

For cool girl style, wear a balloon sleeve top under a patterned vest with cropped wide leg pants with combat boots or loafers.

For a work-friendly look, wear a form fitting pin stripe vest, with matching pants.

For a weekend antique shopping or pumpkin-picking go for a simple black vest under a long jewel-toned peacoat and tartan pants.


Ube, purple yam, and its cousins (think: sweet potato) shine at this time of year. With their distinctive purple colour, thanks to anthocyanins, this species of yam has a delicate sweet and nutty flavour which make them great for both sweet and savoury dishes (try the Purple Sweet Potato Jelly Roll recipe from the Spring 2022 issue.

Or, make savoury oven baked sweet potato mojos: cut into long, thick strips and coat with a mixture of salt, black pepper, cayenne, ground chipotle, oregano and oil.


Present a full spread of delicious sips and bites to enjoy with friends and family, fireside:

An array of different cheese with a variety of textures: spreadable, soft, hard, mildly pungent for guests to try.

Nuts and dried fruit: just a touch of crunch from walnuts, pecans or almonds, the sweetness of dried figs or apricots counteracts the saltiness of cheese.

Olives: Choose Olives from Spain, Greece and Portugal, and stuffed, pitted and whole (make sure to label them and warn guests).

Chilled Bubbles: Chill a few bottles, and pour into retro coupe glasses.


One day temperatures are above average, the next day they dip near freezing. One thing’s for sure, the kaleidoscope of leaves at this time of year is awe-inspiring. In Alberta, take the Paradise Valley hike to see larch trees in their autumnal prime or head to Kananaskis for views of birch and aspen in gold and burgundy splendour.

Cookies, pies, and cheesecakes take pride of place in the fall, but why not try something new? Vanilla Bavarois with Passionfruit gelee tartlet, anyone?

One bite of this dessert instantly transports to the Caribbean isles, and is a cinch to make. Begin with a simple crumbly pâte sablée (baked until golden in a rectangular mould (or any shape you prefer). While that’s baking, make the bavarois (bavarian cream) – if you’re an avid baker you’ll realize that it’s essentially an anglaise with the addition of gelatin and whipped cream folded in and chilled. For this vanilla bavarois, we’ve added an entire vanilla bean for those beautiful black flecks contrasted through the creamy white cream.  Simply add the bavarois to the baked tartlet shell, and top with a thin rectangle of the passionfruit gelee (recipe below).

Three of our favourite bourbon-based cocktails for fall:

Old Fashioned: One of the most simple cocktails to make (Bourbon, sugar, bitters, orange rind).  Perfection in a glass

Bourbon Sidecar: A twist on the traditional sidecar.  (Bourbon with triple sec and lemon juice)

Kentucky Coffee: Coffee and whisky, a match made in heaven, a hug in a glass.

Three of our favourite cider-based cocktails for fall:

Cider French 75: Cider, lemon juice, Amarena cherry syrup, Sparkling wine.

Cider Margarita: A fall twist on a classic (simple syrup, lime juice, reposado tequila, apple cider, triple sec, bitters).

Cider Moscow Mule: Cider, lime juice, ginger beer. Serve in a copper mug.

9 Exciting Bites, Sips Adventures, Looks and Activities to Look Forward to This Fall
/ K&S Media

Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, celosia are all at their best, now. Or, try planting fall veggies that can withstand the cold: lettuce, arugula, kale, mustard, beets, carrots, bok choy,


There are so many ways to use pumpkins this time of year. Use pumpkins in crafts, to make votives, and carvings, wreaths or Jack-o’-lanterns! Select small decorative pumpkins for setting the table, or adorning the front step. Use in delicious dishes like soups, warm salads or as a stuffing for ravioli.


For the best autumnal views, go for a balloon ride. It is exhilarating, and quiet.

This original article first appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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