Fight Back Cold and Flu Season While Flying

Like clockwork, it’s cold and flu season. The perfect incubators for germs? Airplanes. That’s why we turned to retired pilot and author of Pop-Pop Airplane How do you Fly, Dan Pegram, to share his top tips on how to prevent sickness when traveling. Plus, we have CSL’s picks for natural products to include in your…

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Plan Ahead

“Airplanes are occupied by thousands of people each week and are the perfect incubators for germs. Bring along some antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. Wipe your seat (if leather), armrests, seatbelt buckles, tray table, headrest and around your seat back pocket.

Seat back pockets were only sanitary right after the seats were installed at the factory and are the ideal place for previous passengers to put their dirty tissues and germy refuse. Use hand sanitizer after handling emergency information cards, magazines, inflight entertainment screens and overhead bins.”

Stay Hydrated

“Inflight aircraft cabin altitudes are generally above 8 000 feet where the humidity is below 20 percent. This is why dehydration is a common problem with passengers. Purchase an appropriately sized bottle of water at a concession kiosk, or bring your own empty reusable bottle to (fill up and) drink while flying to help maintain proper hydration. Low humidity levels promote nose, eye and skin dryness which welcomes in cold germs as well as promotes fatigue.”

Use the Overhead Air Conditioner Vent

“Using this vent will create a nice flow of cool air and will blow away airborne germs. Be sure to wipe down the nozzle before you adjust it,” says Dan Pegram.

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City Style and Living Fall 2023 Fight Back Cold and Flu Season While Flying honibe spilled
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CSL Editors Pick 2 Easy Carry-on Items To Kick The Cold

Our advice? Start with a good defense. If you’re looking for a natural vitamin C alternative, the new sheriff in town is acerola cherry, also known as West Indian cherry, a small bright red fruit super-packed with 1700mg of vitamin C per 100g or raw fruit (a medium size orange contains just 70mg).  The fresh stuff is hard to come by, but the next best is Dinavedic Acerola Powder (227 g;  Add a teaspoon to a glass of water when the first signs of a cold appear. Already have a pesky cough?  Elderberry, a naturally flavonoid rich fruit is known to reduce inflammation in the respiratory system and boost the immune system. These Honibe honey lozenges ( get the job done. Slip both of these into your carry-on luggage and away you go, and so does your cold.

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