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Learning to make leis and haku (flower coronets) from a local expert

city style and living magazine Heavenly Haku
Heavenly Haku / K&S Media

Owner Elvrine Chow of Heavenly Haku leads the haku lei making class with clear direction and experience.  Using a selection of brilliant Kaui grown flowers and foliage like plumeria, orchids, and ti leaves, Chow notes that the blooms can last for up to a month.  We easily pick up the wili-style technique and the relaxing craft is a fun way to connect to Hawaiian culture.  In under half hour, we end up with a regal  haku (crown).

1640 Papau St., Kapa‘a, (808) 634-9999.

Want more Awesome Adventures in Kauai? This original travel article first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.