Hybrid Work Products You’ll Love

Work-home balance is here to stay and we have the products to make it easier.

City Style and Living Summer Fall 2021 Hybrid Work Products You’ll Love
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Work-home balance is here to stay and we have the products to make it easier.

In a post-pandemic world, commuting to work may become a thing of the past, with a new survey conducted by Angus Reid for the flexible workspace provider International Workplace Group finding that nearly one third of Canadians want their daily work commute to be less than 15 minutes. Further, 66% of those surveyed want to work using a hybrid model of working from home and physically going into the workplace, leading to many perks including: more time to prepare healthy meals, more time to exercise and less money spent on clothing.  Looks like the work-home balance is here to stay.

Hybrid work models means more time at home.  Ergo more mess around the house including more dishes piling up.  Don’t think of washing up as a chore but as a mindful exercise to stay present, and to get away from extra screen time.  While you’re at it, practice self-care by ensuring you take care of your pearly whites too.  Happy home, happy you, happy life.


Made in Canada using plant-based ingredients, the Citrus Rinse Aid (500ml) has a mild, soothing citrus scent that works in tandem with dishwashers, and is tough on mineral deposits and water spots without the use of harsh chemicals.  For use on handwashing dishes, the Tangerine Dish Soap (500ml) is powerful yet gentle on hands. soluxury.ca


Powerful in peppermint, leaves your mouth refreshingly minty and gently removes plaque without the use of fluoride and best of all uses natural whiteners like bamboo Powder, and perilla seed extracts.  JĀSÖN Powersmile® Whitening Paste, 170 g; jason-personalcare.com


The Hybrid Office Uniform! Alo Yoga Muse Sweatpant ($123)and hoodie ($110); aloyoga.com


Keep your hair in order with this Skinny Scrunchie 6 Pack; $28; shop.lululemon.com


A powerful all rounder good for small business:
> A14 Bionic chip with fast CPU and graphics performance.

> 12MP back camera and 7MP FaceTime HD camera with improved low-light performance means setting up those virtual meetings in seconds

> 10.9-inch screen size

> Available in 64GB or 256GB storage

> Approximate battery life 5hr.

> Wi-Fi and 4G chipsets means faster connectivity


This original healthy living article first appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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