Spring Secrets to a Snatched Skincare Routine

Master Licensed Esthetician Emily Trampetti breaks down simple skincare routine for maximum snatched results.

City Style and Living Spring 2023 Spring Secrets to a Snatched Skincare Routine
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Is it just us, or have you been caught off guard by the seemingly multiple, dizzying steps that beauty brands and influencers use for their skincare regimen? The old 3-step cleanse, tone, moisturize seems to have been replaced by anywhere from an unrealistic ten to fifteen steps. Master Licensed Esthetician Emily Trampetti is breaking it down for you so that you can achieve maximum snatched results.

To begin, what determines how many steps is best?

Skin type, skin condition, goals, time, budget and lifestyle preferences should determine the correct number of steps and is the best place to start.

Skin type:

Skin type is typically connected to how oily or dry your skin is on a regular basis. On either side of this scale, you may need more products or steps in your routine to control or promote oil production, which ultimately keeps your skin barrier strong.

Skin conditions & goals:

Skin conditions and goals go hand in hand. Goals are usually centered around alleviating, preventing and correcting conditions. For example: acne, advanced aging, sensitive skin, dermatological disorders, eczema, hyperpigmentation are all forms of skin conditions that you will build goals around. Depending on the condition, you may need more or less steps in your routine.

For example, someone that is 24 years old may not have many skin conditions and may only need a few steps to help nourish the skin and prevent future issues. However, if you are dealing with advanced aging, hyperpigmentation or adult acne, you may need to incorporate more products and treatments to address these issue and meet your goals.

Time, budget and lifestyle:

The best skincare routine is the one that fits you. There is no ‘perfect number of steps’, but rather the perfect number of steps for YOU. There is always a way to be creative and find formulas that fit your goals and your preferences. Don’t be fooled by people that tell you that you have to have 10 steps and spend $300 on a cream to have good skin or that facials are necessary for great skin.  The answer is no (believe it or not!). 

Facial treatments are a relaxing and a wonderful way to treat your skin. However, if you use the right products and ingredients, and are consistent with your home care routine, facials are not necessary. What you do on a daily basis accounts for the majority of your results and skin health.

Treatments should always have a very specific purpose. Don’t just get a treatment to get a treatment – that’s a waste of money. My favorite type of treatments to do on my clients are customized chemical peels. This is because it is supplemental to their home care routine and provides value that they couldn’t get at home.

Most facials out there are simply an overpriced version of what you do at home. The best bang for your buck is to spend your money to get the right home care, and do more specific treatments once in a while to boost results.

Emily Trampetti is a Master Licensed Esthetician and founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics based in Chicago and operates her practice globally. She has been featured in Well + Good, Puckermob, Medium, The Well Well, StyleCraze, and more!

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