The Best Swimsuit Styles for Any Destination

It’s getting warmer – as you plan for your summer vacation, it’s a perfect time to shop for new swimwear. These are our fave new styles from la Vie en Rose.

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear walking on beach
la Vie En Rose offers styles perfect for any shape like this one-piece with flowers. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

Even better – did we mention, you can shop the swimwear looks from home starting now?

It’s getting warmer (yay!), and as you start to plan for your summer vacation, the search for a swimsuit also begins (also, yay!). Whether you’ll be staying at a resort with an amazing pool, going for a dip in the Caribbean, snorkeling in Mexico, cruising the Mediterranean, or taking a fun family staycation, start by embracing your destination. Scroll a few social media sites to see what the place you’ll be visiting looks like, then think about the activities (or not, just pure relaxation) that you’ll be doing. This will help you choose a colour palette, design and cut that’s perfect for your destination.

Then, just like you would a vacation, it’s best to create options. If you’ll be taking carry-on only, choose a few styles with maximum versatility. If you’re taking a road trip, you can generally pack more. Remember, you can use your swimsuit as a layering piece. One of the best style tips is this – you can wear swimwear with almost anything, day or night. A one-piece can easily be used like a bodysuit, a bikini top can become a fun bandeau under a light linen jacket and pants.

With so much choice, it can be overwhelming to narrow down exactly what swimsuit to buy, what style should you choose: Two-piece, or one? Colour or black and white? High cut or boy short? Print or solid? Don’t sweat. Choosing a suit (just like choosing a vacation spot) should be enjoyable and fun! We’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover CSL editors’ selection of four swimwear from la Vie en Rose  new collection to suit every taste and place.

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear floral bikini
A playful floral bikini is always a good idea. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

1/ Destination: Caribbean & Mexico

Swimsuit: Flowers

Why It Works: Summer 2023 is all about flowers! So, you can bet that you’ll be on trend with a floral swimsuit. This pattern is fresh, colorful and sunny – the ultimate happy pattern.

There are lots of cuts to suit everyone.  For tops choose from: bikini top bralette, top with underwire, bandeau or tankini and for bottoms you’ll love: high waist, cheeky or bikini, or more covering.

Style It: The fun, carefree vibe of the Caribbean and Mexico match perfectly with the must-have design for summer 2023, flowers. Not to mention, it’s the perfect look for ordering a margarita from a palapa or a drink from the resort’s swim-up bar.

Editors’ Picks: Bikini top with flowers: $49.95 (pictured above)
Bikini Bottom with flowers: $29.95 (pictured above)
One-piece with flowers: $75.95 (first photo)

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear white one piece
A solid white swimsuit pops against the sand. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose
City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear pareo
A pareo is the ultimate versatile beach accessory. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

2/ Destination: Mediterranean

Swimsuit: The Classic One-piece

Why it Works: The ultimate timeless classic, the one-piece bathing suit  is a perennial favourite.  The look adapts to all tastes and follow seasonal trends.  Cuts, colours and materials are designed for either a classic style or a more modern style.

The coverage is different, depending on the cut of swimsuit, but be assured: you won’t be disappointed by the variety of choices!

The versatility of this look is almost infinite. Wear as is, or accessorize by wearing a pareo tied as a maxi skirt or dress overtop, adding a hat and beautiful sunglasses for a complete, glamorous and sophisticated look perfect for going from day to evening.

Style It: For strolling Santorini’s cobblestones streets with their whitewashed buildings, wear a one-piece with a flowy midi skirt. Then, when exploring the hot springs at the caldera, you’ll be able to easily relax in the water.

Editors’ Picks: White one-piece: $75.95 (pictured above)
Long pareo with flowers: $39.95 (pictured above)

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear white black and brown one piece
A one-piece can double as a bodysuit under a sarong, skirt or shorts. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

3/ Destination: South Pacific and Hawaii

Swimsuit: Solid and warm colour

Why it Works: Solids are must-haves for the swim wardrobe.  Always on trend, these suits can be easily layered or combined with fun accessories and other beachwear staples, to create a complete beach outfit: Think solid white suit over a full-length denim skirt or a bright coloured suit paired with cargo shorts, gold jewellery and sandals.

Choose from bright pop colours, pastels and classic colours, or forever chic black swimsuits.

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear curvy red bikini
Make a glamorous statement in a pink bikini. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose
City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear curvy neutral brown bikini
Neutral toned bikinis go with anything. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

Style It: If you’ve ever seen a sunset in Hawaii or Bora Bora, you’ll know that it’s even better near the water. This is the perfect style for snapping a sunset, exploring a waterfall or watching the world go by.

Editors’ Picks: Pink bikini top; $35.95 (pictured above)
Pink bikini bottom
: $29.95 (pictured above)
Brown bikini top: $39.95 (pictured directly above)
Brown bikini bottom:
$29.95 (pictured directly above)

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear lounging by pool one piece closeup
Chic black never goes out of style. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

4/ Destination: Staycation

Swimsuit: Trendy cuts

Why it Works: Feeling bold and experimental?  If you want to stand out from the crowd, these cuts are here for you. Asymmetrical swimsuits, lace, cut-outs and lettuce trim are beautiful details that will make your suit truly shine.  These statement pieces are also very versatile and can be worn under a chic mini skirt or flowy pleated maxi for a night on the town, to accentuate their unique detail.

City Style and Living La Vie en Rose Spring 2023 Swimwear lounging by pool one piece
Lounging by the pool in sophistication. / Courtesy la Vie en Rose

Style It: A playful way to lounge poolside or jump in the water to cool down.

Editors’ Picks: Mesh one-piece $75.95 (pictured above)

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