Treat Yourself Or Others For Happiness

Want to grow your joy? It’s easy just give to yourself or someone else.

Treat Yourself Or Others For Happiness Angara
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Want to grow your joy? It’s easy just give to yourself or someone else.

Treat yourself or others and enjoy greater happiness. It’s an easy formula but one that is easily forgotten, especially in today’s busy world.  A 2019 study in The Journal of Social Psychology found that regardless of whether kindness is self-focused or other-focused, produced the same feelings of happiness.

People, however, tend to undervalue the sense of well-being that comes from doing something nice for themselves, according to a 2019 study in Emotion. Small acts self-care can be a boost, especially during the pandemic. One easy way to treat yourself is, in our estimation, a double whammy, buy yourself something beautiful online. First, you’ll get the sheer elation of getting a package delivered (even if you know what’s in it) and then you’ll get to enjoy the item itself. Jewellery is perfect for this because you’ll wear it all the time and get a sense of happiness when you catch yourself in the mirror. Or, better yet, buy it as a gift for someone else. Happiness guaranteed, either way.


Angara means the spark within in Sanskrit, and this family-owned, award-winning business begun in 2005, sells gemstone jewellery online. CSL loved the easy-to-use website and quick turnaround for shipping. Even the jewellery box is a keeper (complete with LED light). These earrings are a great treat for yourself or someone else. Angara 18K Yellow Gold Semi Bezel-Set Diamond Journey Earrings, $854;

This original article first appeared in theSummer 2021 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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