5 Reasons Why Gardening is Beneficial

Soak up the sun, get some light exercise and improve your outlook. Enjoy the good vibes.

City Style and Living Summer 2023 The Benefits of Gardening
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Fresh Air

Enjoying the outdoors – fresh air, vitamin D and natural light – improves memory, cognitive flexibility and attention according to a 2019 study in Current Directions in Psychological Science.

Stimulating the senses

Colour, smell, sounds of the leaves blowing in the wind and even taste are all involved and a Japanese study found that simply observing plants leads to a significant reduction in stress, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and physical changes.

Full Body Physical activity

Raking, digging, walking and bending are all good for the muscles and cardiovascular fitness, helping to boost oxygen levels, improve strength, stamina and motor skills as well as coordination.

Stress release
Gardening can help alleviate tension and improve sleep, which has a positive effect on mood and energy levels. A 2006 analysis concluded that regular contact with nature can be used as preventive medicine.

Improve confidence
Sowing seeds, nurturing plants, tending to the garden and watching gardens grow can instill confidence, pride and a sense of achievement, alleviating feelings of dependency and helplessness.

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