CSL Get The Look: Sapphire Eyes

The cat eye done right with colour.

get the makeup look sapphire eyes in City Style and Living Magazine
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The cat eye done right with colour.

At Anna K, Carole Colombani of Maybelline, took the cat eye to the next level for the “the full-of energy girl.” The key to this look is the unusual sapphire colour. Begin by applying foundation and concealer to the face. Add subtle colour to the cheekbones with blush. Then add a base layer of long lasting eyeshadow in a neutral metallic to the lids. Trace the eyes with a sapphire waterproof gel pencil, extending the line a few millimetres at the inner and outer corners. Apply a coat of mascara. For the lips opt for a neutral lip colour with a liquid over top for shine.

This original beauty article first appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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