Great Products We Love Winter 2017/18

CSL has everything from an exquisite maple syrup, to classic crackers, an ingenious salt, and more!

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CSL has everything from an exquisite maple syrup, to classic crackers, an ingenious salt, and more!

1/ Runamok Merquén Infused Maple Syrup
There’s maple syrup and then there’s maple syrup that’s a match made in heaven for food and cocktails. This Vermont produced cherry-coloured liquid infused with smoked Chilean chili peppers is layered with flavour. We loved it poured over chicken and waffles (yes, this is another level stuff)! Drizzling it over panfried salmon is a stroke of genius. The ultimate though is keeping it on hand and adding just a touch to cocktails. 250 ml, $16.95;

2/ Fever Tree Tonic Water
Gin and tonic is a classic in any barman’s repertoire. Without syrups, infusions or trendy garnishes to mask the flavour of the two star ingredients, it’s a simple drink that relies on the very best. The background bitterness of this tonic water and steady fizz made it great for mixing in mocktails and cocktails. The Fever Tree line includes gingerale and club soda both of which maintain their refreshing, crisp flavour and bubbles. 4-pack of 200 ml, $5.99;

3/ Triscuit Nutmeg & Cinnamon
Crackers are versatile. This limited edition offering takes the classic Triscuit to the next level with warming spices. Perfect for accompanying a cheese platter, these crackers also make a great appetizer. Spread with cream cheese and top with maple syrup glazed smoked salmon and garnish with chive. Alternatively, layer apple butter on a cracker, then place crisp bacon and add a thin slice of green apple.

4/ Qualifirst David’s Special Steak Rub
Stored in our spice cupboard, this rub is so easy to grab and add to any dish that needs a lift. It provides a flavour jolt without added sodium or salt (so you won’t feel like you are missing out). Especially good on meat and fish, the spice rub is also an unexpected addition to vinaigrette, sprinkled on hummus and as an unexpected twist on marinara sauce. 150g;

5/ Prima Almond and Coconut Granola
Inspired by athletes’ diets that are simple, nutritious and energy boosting, this granola is roasted to bring out the flavour of the oats. With a semi-soft texture and nutty taste, the granola has just the right amount of honey (meaning it is not too sweet). 350g, $8.00;

6/ Jacobsen Infused Ghost Chili Salt
There are few ingredients that will boost flavour as effectively and quickly as salt and chili. With a pleasant rose colour and large, delicate flakes, it takes just a pinch in rubs, stews, and marinade to achieve a slight background heat. This beautifully packaged jar is one among a line of unique salts (the Infused Black Truffle Salt in mashed potatoes, is the stuff of angels), sure to give your cooking an intriguing infusion. 136g;

This original food article first appeared in the Winter 2017/18 issue of City Style and Living Magazine

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