Hotels | Arcotel Moser Verdino Klagenfurt, Austria

Housed in an Art Nouveau building sporting a pink façade, the 71 rooms, suites and apartment hotel was built in 1858. Don’t miss Cafébar Moser Verdino/ Steak House where Chef Joe Radinger dry ages beef and turns out regional specialties like Carinthian Kasnudeln.

Klagenfurt, Austria: Arcotel Moser Verdino Exterior.
Klagenfurt, Austria: Arcotel Moser Verdino Exterior.

First Impressions

When we drive up to the Arcotel Hotel Moser Verdino just off a quiet street within walking distance of the Neuer and Alter Platz (the historical heart of Klagenfurt), guests are casually chatting while sipping coffee at the outdoor terrace.

Arcotel Moser Verdino Comfort Double Room
Arcotel Moser Verdino Comfort Double Room.


We stayed in a Comfort Double Room. The Art Nouveau building sports a pink façade contrasted by the simple modern rooms, a mix of dark wood punctuated with flashes of brilliant red. The 71 rooms, suites and apartments boast flat screen televisions, DVD players, and Wi-Fi.

Kasnudeln and chef Joe Radinger at Arcotel Moser Verdino
Arcotel Moser Verdino in Klagenfurt, Austria. Left typical local Carinthian dish Kasnudeln. Right: chef Joe Radinger.

You Gotta Eat Here
Joe Radinger, chef at the Cafébar Moser Verdino/ Steak House (which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a bar and lounge) introduced the Steakhouse concept to the city and it is his pride. He is full of energy when talking about the beef that he carefully dry ages in his “Nockgebirge”, the signature of the restaurant.  The meat ripens in a specially purchased climate cabinet up to 40 days, where the buttery, intense flavour of the steak is developed. The menu boasts an impressive selection of choices – from Chateaubriand to T-Bone, ribeye to Entrecote and Wagyu on occasion. Non steak eaters will love the simply prepared but delicious baked fish with rosemary and lemon and a must is the Carinthian Kasnudeln (upon special request) soft buttery dumplings filled with fresh cheese and herbs. “I like people and I love this business, I want to work forever [doing this],” says Radinger.


Waitress at Cafe Bar MoserVerdino
Waitress at Cafe Bar Moser Verdino at Arcotel Moser Verdino in Klagenfurt Austria.

Wow Factor

Look out for fittings and original pieces from 1858 when the hotel was built. A cute apple holder in the room bids guests a nice st/day.


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