Pay Dirt How Gardening Can Ease Stress

Looking for a way to lower stress, keep active and boost your mood? You may just find it by digging in the dirt!

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Looking for a way to lower stress, keep active and boost your mood? You may just find it by digging in the dirt!

After the riot of colourful blooms has faded and fruit, seeds and vegetables harvested, fall is the time of year prune trees, rake leaves and plant bulbs. Think of these as nothing but tedious garden chores?  Did you know that this type of exercise is actually good for your health?

Gardening is a form of low intensity physical activity. The sort of daily, 60-minute moderate to vigorous physical activity recommended by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology for optimal health. From weeding, to watering to mulching, the range of activities ensures that both the upper and lower body get a workout.

The Journal of the American Medical Association estimated the calories burned per hour by moderate activity such as gardening at 460 for a man and 370 for a woman. In other words, regular gardening, like other physical activities can help maintain healthy body weight when combined with a healthy diet.

Not only is gardening a good form of physical exercise, it can also combat stress. According to a 2013 study in the Mental Health Review Journal gardening reduced depression and anxiety and had an overall positive effect on mental health. Being outdoors, engaging in a relaxing activity, growing vegetables are some of the reasons that gardening is beneficial. The study however, also noted that benefits accrued across emotional, social, vocational, physical and spiritual domains.

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This original gardening article first appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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