Strength Building Home Workout

A few simple exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home will make the time fly!

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A few simple exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home will make the time fly!

If you want to build strength, the most efficient method is to have many muscle groups working together — think squats, dead lifts and chest presses. The bonus?  More benefits in less time.

Weighted Squat
(shoulders, biceps, abs, butt, quads)

Stand with your feet hip width apart.  Point toes slightly outward, hold medicine ball (5lb-10lb) in both hands.  Lower body to squat, keep the weight in your heels and chest lifted.

Push Up
(shoulders, chest, triceps, abs, butt)

Begin on mat and bend face forward placing the palms on the sides of a medicine ball.  Extend legs behind you, keeping body stiff and not sagging, engaging abs and align head with spine.  Slowly lower your body toward ball until chest nears the ball, contract butt and keep thighs tight and keep elbows close to body.  Push through arms and raise body upward, until elbows are fully extended.

Standing Wood Chop
(shoulders, arms, abs, quads, butt)

Stand with legs shoulder length apart and hold medicine ball in both hands.  Engage abs, and lift ball to high above the left-hand side of your head, and bring the ball down past your right hip, keeping head facing forward while lifting right leg off the ground to hip height.  Repeat motion on the opposite side.

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