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  • City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 FWD Caleigh Rykiss Sport Chek flat lay products

    Practicing Self Care with FWD and Caleigh Rykiss

    City Style and Living caught up with self-love crusader Caleigh Rykiss to ask all about all her faves, from self- care to fitness and of course her top picks from the FWD collection.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Healthy living grilling

    4 Healthy Living Strategies to Try This Summer

    Sun, earth, grilling and sweetness – all things that just equal summer fun! CSL has ways you can enjoy all of these things – just a little wiser and with your health in mind: sun worship safely; be kind to the earth by greening your routine; grill to reduce unhealthy compounds while keeping all the flavour; and sweeten your treats with yacon.

  • City Style and Living Magazine healthy living at home workout

    Tools and Moves for An Easy At Home Workout

    Think you have no time to spare to get in shape? No need to put your fitness on the back burner. For just a few minutes a day these small steps can create great results.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Spring 2019 Healthy Living Try Low-Impact Workouts Hiking in Mountains

    Try Low-Impact Workouts

    “Staying active is one of the best ways to ensure a good quality of life. It helps children develop correctly, keeps adults healthy and reduces the impact of old age in seniors,” advises Christopher W. Grayson.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2018 Healthy Living Compassionate beauty

    7 Healthy Living Ideas We Love

    Get the lifestyle shake up you need now with the secrets, ingredients and expert advice for looking and feeling great!