The Quarantine Pantry Volume 3

skills. The following essential ingredients are delicious, nutritious, helpful and filling (or all of the above) taking the chore out of hunkering down at home.  

City Style and Living Spring 2021 The Quarantine Pantry Volume 3
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Let’s get real, during these strange times, we’ve all gotten to flex our kitchen skills. The following essential ingredients are delicious, nutritious, helpful and filling (or all of the above) taking the chore out of hunkering down at home.  

Analog signature coffee Mambo #5, El Salvador
This local favourite is a bold, yet delicate roast with berry and wine notes perfect for the coffee connoisseur.  The Prefontaine family has been in the coffee business since the 1970s in Calgary, first as a wholesale business and now diversifying into several brands under its umbrella, all while committed to community spirit.  2lb $61.12;

Toppits Organic Raw Black Tiger Shrimp
Simple suppers are made in minutes with these certified EU Organic black tiger shrimp – perfect for quick stir fry’s, grilled on the barbeque, or simply poached with cocktail sauce. The easy to peel, deveined shrimp are a home cook’s dream and super versatile for infinite possibilities. 340g;

David’s Red Super Juice Mix
Health is wealth!  With a powerhouse combination of over twenty superfoods (acai, aronia berry, maqui berry, monk fruit, shiitake, to name a few), just 5g of Red Super Juice mixed with 1 cup of liquid creates an instant vitamin rich smoothie in seconds.  Best of all there is no sugar added so you can add as little or as much sweetener as you want, perfect for diabetics or those following a keto regimen. 250g, $23.59;

Kerrygold Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheese
Add this award winning creamy Irish farmhouse cheese to dressing, crumbled over salads and in baking for a soft blue cheese flavour. The blue veining and delicate yellow colour lend a more delicate flavour compared to other blue cheese, due to cows grazing on Ireland’s green pastures.

Royal Command Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Shelled
Toast and blend seeds for a creamy, savoury spread, roast in a pan with olive oil, salt and cayenne for a crunchy salad- topper-alternative to croutons or use as a nut substitute. These nutritious little grains are high in fiber, contain vitamins B, A and K, and are full of essential minerals like magnesium, copper, and iron. 1kg, $21.24;

Epigrain Black Chia Seeds
Don’t let these tiny black seeds fool you, they are small but mighty!  With 3g of protein per tablespoon, naturally gluten free, and a neutral flavour, chia can be use in many ways.  Add to baking to boost fiber and protein, or create a ‘pudding’ by soaking in liquid to bloom the gel like sac around the grains. 2 kg, $36.61;

Sushi Chef Natural Wasabi
Unlike most wasabi products on the market, this version contains actual wasabi leaves together with powdered horseradish, delivering a more floral, and less overtly hot punch to pair with sushi. Mix equal parts wasabi powder and water to form a paste, and let sit for several minutes to infuse. 1 oz.;

City Style and Living Spring 2021 The Quarantine Pantry Volume 3 part 2
/ Collage K&S Media; Product images courtesy brands

Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Cereal
Delightfully crunchy, not too sweet, high in protein (12g per serving), and Non-GMO Project Verified, this mix of crunchy fibre twigs, crispy soy protein grahams, and honey-toasted whole grain puffs and a touch of cinnamon, is a classic breakfast cereal that never disappoints. 684g;

Bothwell Cheese Black Truffle
Earthy truffles encased in rich, creamy Monterey Jack lends gourmet indulgence to mornay sauce, or, as a snack with crackers. This is one of the more than two dozen unique cheese flavours produced by this Canadian company, in Manitoba’s dairy belt in New Bothwell. 170g; bothwellcheese.com

Black River Juice Company Inc. Pure Blueberry Juice
Fragrant with the smell of fresh blueberries, with an intense dark blue hue and equally matched just-sweet-enough flavour, the antioxidant rich juice is sourced from Quebec, British Columbia or Nova Scotia with nothing added. Makes a beautiful mocktail with club soda or tonic water. Or add a little to morning smoothies. 1L;

Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes Polpa
Authentic Italian meals are at your fingertips, with this simple recipe of sun-ripened 100% Italian tomatoes from the Italian Emilia Romagna region infused with Mediterranean Sea salt. The balanced acidity, without the bitterness common in other commercial canned tomatoes on the market, make them almost as good as fresh. Essential in lasagne, also great in tajine. 398ml;

Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk
Thick and fragrant, without additional sugar or extract, just a few tablespoons of this coconut milk adds signature creaminess to South East Asian dishes.  Even vegans can use as a cream substitute in baking or for frozen treats. 400ml;

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