Two Awesome Adventures in Vancouver

Take advantage of nature at two of CSL’s favourite spots in Vancouver

City Style and Living Magazine dr sat yuen sen chinese Gardens in vancouver
The stunning gardens are a relaxing way to spend an afternoon / K&S Media

Take advantage of nature at two of CSL’s favourite spots in Vancouver


Escape the city to the peace and serenity of recreated 5th Century Ming Dynasty China. The gardens were built in 1985-86 by 52 master craftsmen from China, using techniques that were used during the Ming dynasty (ie. halls and walkways were constructed with precise joinery and without the use of nails, screws or glue). The design of the garden are meant to encapsulate the harmony of four elements where each corner of the garden reveals another magical landscape.

City Style and Living Magazine Capilano suspension bridge vancouver
Exploring the beauty at the park/ K&S Media


Nestled among pine trees, the 140 – metre long and 70 metre high Capilano suspension bridge – swaying with the weight of dozens of tourists is the main  attraction of this activity compound. There are also several mini-attractions included in admission: Treetops Adventure (a labyrinth of pathways and bridges in the treetops), history from BC’s First Nations at Kia’palano (including gorgeous totem poles), and the heart pumping cliff walk (besides the fear factor, the  panoramic views of nature are spectacular).

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This original awesome adventure article first appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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