4 Wines To Go With Lamb Stew

With cooler weather calling out for settling in with comfort food and bold, rich wine, CSL has just the pairings for you to try!

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2019 Wines and spirits what to pair with lamb stew
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With cooler weather calling out for settling in with comfort food and bold, rich wine, CSL has just the pairings for you to try!

Think of classics like coq au vin, Moroccan lamb stew (shown here) and shepherd’s pie  —  with their deep flavours and stick to your ribs heft — each call out for an equivalent match that can stand up to their complexity.  Look for styles with autumnal notes like spice, dark fruit
and hints of cedar.

Domaine de la Ronciere Côtes-du-Rhône

Red Cotes du Rhone wines are blends of mostly Grenache, and Syrah and/or Mourvedre with the rest of the blend deriving from some combination of 22 approved regional varieties. This lighter style combines complex red berries, with an overtone of earthiness and structured tannins, and hints of licorice make this juicy wine perfect for lighter roasts.

Cuvelier Los Andes Colección

Bordeaux blends with their rich, complex flavours made up of at least two approved grape varieties, but up to five, include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. With vines planted in 1999, at the favoured density of 5500 vines per hectare like those in Bordeaux, Cuvelier Los Andes vineyards are spread over 136 acres in Mendoza, Argentina.  During the day, grapes are exposed to dry heat, and cooled by the Andes Mountains at night, allowing the grapes to ripen and produce the full expression of each variety.  Unlike the Grand Vin, the colección (a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, Petit Verdot), is made to be enjoyed ‘young’, and captures the concentrated flavour of red fruit (cherry) with the finesse of the Bordeaux style.

Canonbah bridge shiraz “drought reserve”

The dark fruit of Australian shiraz is well matched to meat and game dishes with rich sauces. Located in Australia’s western plains with over 80 acres of vineyards (most of which is shiraz), belonging to the Mclaughlin family, Canonbah Bridges’ wines are well suited to the flavours of beef and lamb stew.  True to its name, grapes are only picked in drought years, at a small yield allowing fruit to retain acidity while being left on the vine to achieve ‘raisining.’  Sound familiar?  This technique concentrates flavour and sweetness with balanced acidity, similar in style to Italian amarone.  The silky mouth feel of this shiraz, with hints of anise and leather and enough plum structure to appeal to a variety of tastes.

Coppola Archimedes

Made from aromatic, dark, concentrated fruit from the Coppola estate as well as Alexander and Knights Valley, California, this cabernet sauvignon is blended with a hint of Cabernet Franc, lending a hint of spice.  While the fruit from the Alexander Valley gives bright cherry notes, the darker Knights Valley grapes lend complexity and structure.  The wine in bottle is a blend selected from individual barrels from each lot, adding to its complexity.  The deep garnet liquid imparts cassis, and blueberry notes and bold, not jammy fruit with voluptuous chocolate, and hints of eucalyptus with firm yet approachable tannin. Delicious on its own, this wine is well suited for grilled meat and stews with hints of perfumed aromatics.

This original wine and spirit article first appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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