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  • City Style and Living Magazine Food spring favourite gourmet products Luxardo Cherries

    Munch and Sip Your Way Through Some of Our Faves

    A fresh start, that’s what spring is all about. Begin by switching up breakfast and what better way than Canadian maple syrup, a creamy plant-based milk, a bacon alternative and a baking ingredient, ideal for pancakes. Oh, and with a cherry on top!

  • City Style and Living Magazine Products we love frauxmagerie

    5 Original Snacks, Treats and Sips To Try

    Plant based foods, mini sparklers and a sweet surprise hits all the notes for the holiday season, or any time of year.

  • City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love emerald grasslands butter

    Simple and Fresh Products and Ingredients We Love This Summer

    Quick antipasti, coffee in bed, luxurious melting butter on a crisp slice of toast, nothing more than a salad and rosé for lunch and light evening meal without fuss or meat. So go summer days when meals are for sharing and setting a spectacular table means no dressing up. Choose all white plates, a white…

  • City Style and Living Magazine Spring 2019 Products, Techniques and Ingredients We Love Finica Cheese Board

    Products, Techniques and Ingredients We Love for Spring 2019

    Spring is all about eating healthier and lighter. From vegan alternatives to a variety of global cheeses and nutrient rich breakfast cereal, we’ve got you covered!

  • City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2018 Olive oil

    4 Helpful Kitchen Staples to Cut Your Work Time in Half

    Help around the kitchen means gadgets that cut your work time in half. It’s also about flavour bombs that lift dishes like a drizzle of olive oil on meat, salads and soups and protein-rich peanut butter with coconut for satay and marinades.