Top 3 Summer Beer To Try

Sit on the patio or have a barbecue and enjoy these beer





Sit on the patio or have a barbecue and enjoy these beer.

Stiegl Radler Grapefruit

TASTE Sparkling, refreshing and juicy, this shandy-style beer is a crowd-pleaser.  At a recent dinner men and women alike raved about how easy it is to drink.

PAIR WITH The light acidity would be best paired with a mild seafood appetizer like ceviche.


TASTE  A smooth classic beer with an amber hue and honey finish it is made with English hops.

PAIR WITH This Belgian beer is  made to enjoy with barbecued meat, classic sausages, or a simple burger while watching the game.

Mort Subite Kriek

TASTE This lambic-style beer is different and bold.  Known for a sour aftertaste and high acidity, it is brewed in wooden barrels and ideal for the adventurous palate.    

PAIR WITH With cherry sourness, why not try with a German black forest cake or dark chocolate mousse?

This original article first appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.