3 Products We Love For Spring 2018

It’s all about the key to making dishes pop.

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It’s all about the key to making dishes pop.

Need a snack for your latest tv-show marathon? This non-GMO organic popcorn is made with avocado and coconut oils. It has just the right touch of Himalayan pink salt to keep you grabbing handfuls more.
Lesser Evil Avocado-Licious popcorn, 140g.

Sometimes cooking calls for a simple sea salt brimming with natural minerals with a clean, unadulterated taste. Sourced from the Atlantic coast of southwestern England, this salt delivers with large flakes that add texture and intensity.
Cornish Sea Salt Crystals.

Chefs love them for their rustic, unfussy look. Unlike white plates which concentrate the eyes on the food alone, these plates compliment dishes as artwork in and of themselves.
Maxwell & Williams Artisan Plate; Joshua Buffet Plate, Set of 4 – Gray; Costa Nova Dinner Plate 27 cm, $30. 

This original food article first appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of City Style and Living Magazine

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