The Ultimate White Winter Golden Raspberry Sangria

Kick off the year with a fresher, lighter batch cocktail. Amp up the flavour of the fruit and make each glass feel special, we added a tablespoon of the golden raspberry puree.

City Style and Living The Ultimate White Winter Sangria
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½ cup fresh golden raspberries

½ cup fresh peaches cut into slices

½ lemon cut into slices

½ orange cut into slices

a few sprigs mint

½ cup chilled white port

1 bottle (750ml) chilled white wine

½ cup chilled triple sec

Golden Raspberry puree

2 cups golden raspberries

½ cup sugar


1. Pump Up the Jam

In a pan over medium heat, add sugar and raspberries to make the raspberry puree. Bring to a simmer on stove until reduced and thick. Strain through sieve to remove seeds and for a smooth consistency. Chill until ready to serve.

2. A Smooth Mix

Muddle mint in a large pitcher. Add fruit, wine, port and triple sec and stir.

3. One By One

Add 1 oz. of raspberry puree to your preferred glass (we love a coupe), top with sangria and serve with a fruit and flower garnish of your choice.

TIP for how to make the best batch Sangria cocktail

Golden raspberries add a boost of tartness to this white sangria batch cocktail. Whole golden raspberries freeze well. Pop them in the pitcher as an alternative to ice cubes. You can switch up the fruit with anything you like, but, as a wise person once said, sangria is ‘not a fruit cocktail’, so stick to 3-4 fresh fruit, at most.

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