Beauty Looks 3 Ways

From simply lined nails to the ponytail to the classic cateye – we have 3 versions of each look you’ll love!

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Beauty trends Graphic Nails
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From simply lined nails to the ponytail to the classic cateye – we have 3 versions of each summer look you’ll love!


1/ Graphic Nails

THE LOOK For KITH’s Spring/Summer 2019 show, Alicia Torello for essie created nail looks that spotlight iconic brands’ signature design elements.

GET THE LOOK  Apply a base coat. Dip a striping brush in red colour and create a thick, horizontal stripe just past the centre of the nail—leaving the tip free of colour. Using a striping brush dipped in black, craft a straight line along the red edge and fill in the tip of the nail. To prevent streaking, wait five minutes for polish to dry then apply a top coat.

2/ Orbit Nails

THE LOOK “The look is totally 90s, but in a grunge-y way,” Miss Pop said of the bright and bold manicure she created for Jeremy Scott’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection with essie.

GET THE LOOK Apply a base coat for a smooth polish application. Add three coats of nude polish. Dip a striping brush in darker shade of polish and rim just the perimeter of the nail bed.Wait five minutes for the color to dry and finish with topcoat for high shine.

3/ Nautical Nails

THE LOOK Nail artist Rita Remark for essie, created one look to resemble a sail and another featuring two graphic lines for Monse Spring/ Summer 2019 collection.

GET THE LOOK  Apply a thin coat of nude polish. Use a striping brush dipped in a white shade to paint a diagonal line from the outer edge of the nail to towards the tip. Fill in the negative space with white polish. On the opposite hand, paint a thin diagonal line from the side wall toward the tip. Then, paint a shorter, horizontal line from the centre of the first line towards the sidewall.

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Beauty trends Pony
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It’s more than just a utilitarian hairstyle, or an easy way to pull back your hair for work. The pony is also the starting point for more involved styles. As Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil Artistic Director described the look for Oscar de la Renta, “The clean, low pony represents a sophisticated and effortless style inspired by today’s minimalist traveler. We also wanted to emphasize that women are embracing their natural texture.” Whether summer takes you to the cottage, the beach or a roadtrip, or your share of weddings and graduations, a low pony and its variations will keep you looking polished.

1/ Braid-Pony Mashup

Create a centre part and create two sections from the crown to behind the ear. Take the top two sections and tie together to create a knot. Create two more sections (leaving a small section of hair out towards the nape), and create another knot incorporating the hair from the previous sections. Create a ponytail with all remaining hair and tie with an elastic band.

2/ Classic Pony
Straighten every section of hair with a flatiron. Centre part the hair, then secure the hair with clear elastic in the back creating a low ponytail. Next, take hair from underneath and wrap around to cover the elastic.

3/ Cascading Pony
Divide the hair in three large sections: two on the sides and a vertical top section. Create a knot with the two side sections, and join with the vertical section to create a low ponytail. Wrap the base of the ponytail with a black elastic cord.

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Beauty trends Cateye
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When makeup artists describe the beauty look as “strong”, “abstract”, and “graphic” you know you’re going to have to take notice. Exaggerated cat eyes ruled the runways in everything from black, through baby blue and even orchid. Don’t think you can rock this look #irl? Think again, while the heavy lines of colour crept up near eyebrows at the shows, the colours were totally wearable. Just use finer strokes of liquid liner to eyelids and you’ll still look fierce. Oh, and a matte statement lip will still work.

1/ Kith
black, bold and exaggerated flick

2/ Rodarte
baby blue liner accentuated with shadow

3/ Discount Universe
thick line from tear duct to flick in bright purple

This original beauty article first appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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