The Best 6 Rum You Need To Try

The Best 6 Rum You Need To Try.You may know this spirit for it’s pirate legacy and ingredient of your favourite Caribbean cocktail, but rum is more than a mixer. The imbibe team at City Style and Living Magazine has decoded

6 best rum to try city style and living magazine
Bottles of CSL’s favourites. /K&S Media.

You may know this spirit for it’s pirate legacy and ingredient of your favourite Caribbean cocktail, but rum is more than a mixer.  The imbibe team at City Style and Living Magazine has decoded The Best 6 Rum You Need To Try:


HISTORY The company started commercial production in 1937.
THE RUM Made from molasses, distilled five times and slow aged in small American oak barrels.
THE LOOK Soft amber in colour with a bold and assertive nose, with faint hints of tangerine, and raisin.
THE TASTE On the tongue, it is exceedingly dry, and hot, a result of aging in a traditional barrel house, unequipped with air conditioning, the characteristic flor taste.
CSL VERDICT Great for cocktails.


THE HISTORY Rum Nation was founded in 1999, with a portfolio of rum from countries from the Tropic of Cancer to the Equator.
THE RUM A French style agricole rum (made from sugar cane juice), aged between 3 and 6 years.
THE LOOK Honey in colour it is fruity on the nose, similar to a fine wine, with notes of caramelized peach, and orange with coffee and licorice in the background.
THE TASTE This style is light to medium in weight, though retains a solid body, with a warm and comforting finish of almonds, and buttery caramel.OUR VERDICT A fantastic value and great for sipping.


THE HISTORY Hailing from Bermuda for over two centuries, this family owned company is the only to blend and bottle on the island.
THE RUM Dark rum made from molasses and aged American oak bourbon casks. The family owned company is the only company that blends and bottles in Bermuda.
THE LOOK The cola coloured spirit has strong, legs in the glass.
THE TASTE On the tongue, syrupy silky smooth rum with hints of chocolate, dark caramel and subtle hints of smoke.
OUR VERDICT This exquisite rum makes a wonderful gift. Savour while watching the sun set or preferably, by the beach.


THE HISTORY Made in small town by a female master blender.
THE RUM Made from sugar cane juice using the solera method, it is a blend of rums aged 6 to 23 years which are further aged in white oak barrels.
THE LOOK This rum pours into the glass, with strong legs, and a delicate nose, redolent of caramel, vanilla, banana and honey.
THE TASTE On the tongue, a medium weight with smooth creaminess that almost lacks any bite or harshness.
OUR VERDICT We first tasted this rum on a trip to the Bahamas, so it is forever linked to sun, sand and sea.

5. CLEMENT 10 Year Old Grande Réserve TrÈs Vieux | MARTINIQUE

THE HISTORY Production began in 1887 when Homère Clément purchased the prestigious sugar plantation known as Domaine de l’Acajou.
THE RUM Inspired by the production of brandy, Homère Clément opted to use of the first pressing of sugarcane juice to distill his rum.
THE LOOK Burnt orange amber colour, with beautiful aromas of black licorice, dried fruit grounded with smoke, vanilla and oak on the nose.
THE TASTE On the tongue, presents a sultry balance of caramelized nut and spice.
OUR VERDICT CSL Ideal to add to your portfolio to taste the subtle difference in technique and taste in Martinique rum.


THE HISTORY Made by the Antigua Distillery formed in 1932.
THE RUM Derived from single estate muscovado molasses, is made by The Antigua Distillery, formed in 1932.
THE LOOK Deep brown-red-gold, opening up with soft caramel and brown sugar followed by deep molasses, faint citrus and vanilla.
THE TASTE Inherent smokiness and lots of spice with coffee, coconut and mild chocolate notes.
OUR VERDICT CSL The finish is velvety smooth and makes is great for sipping.

This article on rum first appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.