This Lillet Blanc Spritz Cocktail is Perfect for Holiday

A take on a classic Lillet Blanc Spritz holiday cocktail draws on the crisp sharpness of apple and the deep earthiness of cinnamon.

City Style and Living Winter 2023 Lillet Spritz Sparkling Holiday Cocktail
Lillet Blanc Spritz Apertif Cocktail/ K&S Meia



2             ounces Lillet Blanc

1             ounce apple cider

0.5         ounce cinnamon simple syrup

2             ounces soda water



1             cup water

1             cup granulated sugar

2             cinnamon sticks


1. Simplify

Make the simple syrup by combining ingredients in a pan over medium heat until simmering. Strain cinnamon stick, cool and reserve the syrup.

2. Chill Out

Fill glass with ice cubes to chill. Remove ice cubes and drain any excess water.

3. Get In the Mix

Add Lillet Blanc, cider and simple syrup.

4. Top Up

Top with soda water. Stir and serve. Garnish with edible flowers.

What is Lillet?

Lillet is having a moment. A fortified wine with hints of citrus and herbs, the French aperitif is versatile. Include in cocktails or sip on its own over ice.

Don’t Like Apple Cider?

An equally delicious alternative – swap perry (pear cider) and star anise simple syrup in the recipe. It’s something different but with holiday vibes all the same.

This original holiday cocktail article first appeared in the Winter 2023/24 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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