Travel Hacks In The Air and On the Ground

All you need are a few tips to make for the perfect getaway – near or far – we have you covered with these simple travel hacks.

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All you need are a few tips to make for the perfect getaway – near or far – we have you covered with these simple travel hacks.

To Help You Sleep on The Plane

Any frequent flyer will tell you that one of the most important tenets of travel is getting a good night sleep.  Yes, there are multiple factors you can’t control (screaming child anyone?), but there are few things you can do to try and get some shut-eye. 

One of our favourite travel hacks is packing a sleep kit with a comfortable foldable pillow, a silky travel sheet misted with a calming lavender scent (known for promoting calmness) and boarding the plane wearing a chic set of pajamas (or changing into them after liftoff) and sturdy walking shoes.  These little tweaks will go a long way to soothing your mental state the next time you jet off.

CSL PICKS: Brave Era 100% Silk Travel Sheet; Vionic Elation active sneaker in grey-coral; Bluebella Claudia Shirt and Trouser Cream.

To Help You Stay Connected Once You Arrive: Wifi on The Road

Travelling overseas with no wifi connection on your device?  CSL tested the newest, portable hotspot —and, problem solved!

CSL tested the SkyRoam Solis in the Southern Caribbean (Solis can currently be used in 120 countries).

Pro: The super sleek SkyRoam has a powerbank lasts for as much as 16 hours (great for travellers on the go), there is no need for a SIM card and users can connect multiple devices. Small enough to fit in a purse or backpack, it is great to use as an on-the-go office, to respond to emails, check local news sites and access maps.  Options for renting a unit with daily 24 hour wifi are affordable enough for short travel stints especially for those that cannot bear being disconnected.

Con: Though the company advertises Unlimited data with 4G LTE speed, be warned that if you are using to stream, for reading quantities of image-heavy emails, or media-loaded websites, the speed significantly decreases. 


To Help You Make Your Next Trip More Sustainable

Bruno Correa, founder Bee + Hive, a not-for-profit global sustainable tourism association on 3 ways to reduce your footprint and giveback while vacationing.

1/ Use local suppliers
By prioritizing and choosing local suppliers of services and products, you can ensure that the local community shares the economic benefits of tourism.

2/ Move around
Walk or bike whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of your trip, and not miss details that make your local experience truly unique. Always ask the hotel how to go about it, and the no-go areas.

3/ Reduce plastic
Whenever possible, take you own refillable cup instead of ordering plastic bottles every time you need a sip of water. At restaurants, order your drinks with no straws.

This original travel article first appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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