A Tale of Two Gin

A spirit, made from a blend of botanicals, gin is meant to be mixed and truly comes alive in cocktails.

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A spirit, made from a blend of botanicals, gin is meant to be mixed and truly comes alive in cocktails. Here are two for the mix:


An English oak aged gin made from a classic recipe

WHAT IS IT? Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin.

WHERE IT’S FROM Inspired by the spirit of the grand London Gin Palace of the 1850s.

WHAT IT’S MADE WITH Distilled following a recipe from 1850, the gin is rested for three to four weeks in Scotch Whisky barrels. Hayman’s uses a blend of 10  botanicals including angelica root, orris root and nutmeg.

TASTE Smooth and well balanced with delicate pepper and spice with hints of oak.

Combine 25ml Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin, 25ml Campari, 25ml Rosso Vermouth in a tumbler glass over ice.
Garnish with a curl of orange peel or slice

DID YOU KNOW? More classic cocktails are made with gin than with any other spirit. The list includes: Negroni, Ramos Gin Fizz, Martinez, Gin Rickey, Red Snapper, Tom Collins, White Lady, Hanky Panky, Clover Club, Alexander, French 75, and Gimlet, and vesper to name a few!

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WHAT IS IT? Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

WHERE IT’S FROM Made in Quebec by Domaine Pinnacle, Ungava is the first authentic all-Canadian gin. The name is taken from Ungava Bay in northern  Quebec.

WHAT IT’S MADE WITH A blend of herbs and arctic plants including Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, and Labrador Tea. The ingredients are harvested during the summer months by hand and this blend results in a bright orangey yellow colour.

TASTE Clean and herbaceous.

Add 90ml Ungava gin and 3ml Dry Vermouth into a Boston shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lemon zest

This original wines and spirits article first appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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